custom harness or bolero

custom harness or bolero
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This entry is for custom harnesses.  Prices are the same.  In the comments text box you simply type in the name we assigned for the fabric. Boleros are double lined and take more fabric to make; therefore, if your sending us the fabric to create your product it would take more than a harness.  Please call Carylon for help with custom design (910) 723-9187.  For help with your on line order call Patrice at (910) 514-3044.  Call Carolyn for mailing fabric and details before you ship it to her.  You will get a free 4 ft lead for paying for your own fabric.  But please call her first.  Must be 100% cotton  which is a better quality fabric.  Touching base with Carolyn when you want a custom harness is extremely important.  Especially if you pick out fabric with with figures on them that are large.   

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