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Sophie's Choice Harnesses

Sophie's Choice, Harnesses and Boleros are built for support, comfort, and fun!  "We love to dress up our pets AND keep them safe and warm in the winter"  Because they are animals, we have to allow them to be themselves.  We don't want their garments falling appart once they start moving--we definately want them to like wearing them. Sophie is a very playful dog. Then we have Axel  , our wild one!  He is a Chinese Crested and wears our harnesses and boleros all the time.  Sterling   he likes to cuddle, and dose it all day in his bolero.    


These boleros and harnesses support the proper pressure points on your animals while walking them to keep them from pulling; therefore, we support that issue first. What is fun about our product, is that you are not sacrificing the "curb appeal" and attention we all want to get with our furry little loved ones.  "Right?"  Some harnesses are not so attractive but are fuctional and do provide the support and comfort the animal needs.  Then there are some pretty fancy pieces of dog clothing that will have a ring on them for walking the dog.  If you have a potential puller on your hands make sure you do a little prictice walk before you "hit  the streets", not all crafters of animal clothing think about distribution of the weight and the pulling factor.  They just throw the ring on a garment because it has become a popular marketing angel.  We stand behind our product and our equipment is tested to hold up to 50 lbs. This being the latch that comes together to close the harnesses and boleros.  They are good latches, and lock in very well.  Our Boleros are patterned in the front to evenly support the pulling and take the pressure off the trachea. Our body harnesses and Boleros will take care of this. 

We do not know of any collars causing a trachea to collasps.  We are not vetrinarians and the vets do not claim to have this as a cause of trachea collaps either. Some sellers will try to scare you in to buying their products and tell you this. However we did discover that small dogs are prone to trachea problems to begin with and certain variables can be utilized to keep from aggrivating the notion.  We do not subscribe to putting fear into our customers to get them to buy our product.  We simply want you to know why our products are built the way they are.  

100% Satisfaction guarantee, on comfort, function, stitching and fit when you recieve our product.  If your not satisfied call us or email us and we will make it right.  Our products are handmade by senior citizens and they take a lot of pride in their work.  But nothing is always flawless so please, so that we may keep the reputation we have, let us know if something is a little off, so we can continue to be knowned as a dependable product to rely on.  The Owner of Sophie's Choice, Constance Spell and Sophie, travel up and down the East Coast all year round.  You will find them at some of the PET EXPOs and Crafter shows, most of the Gilmore Shows. Unless they have conflicting schedules. 


For large Plus 45 - 50 lbs. call Patrice Baker (910) 514-3044