Zebra Bolero

Zebra Print With Pink Polka-Dots
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Help Sizing Your Dog

  • Please use the weight and measurement chart from 2 ½ to 45 pounds in the pictures to determine your dog’s size.
  • You will also find in pictures an example of good fits and a little too small fit.
  • Our client pooches page will show you all kinds of breeds with our harnesses on. 
  • Click here for a short video showing how to put on our harnesses.
  • If you need help call Patrice (910) 514-3044 or Constance (910) 658-3637

Our Dual-Purpose Boleros

Characteristics: Outfit/Harness/Easy-On/All Around Comfort

How our boleros hold up as a Harness:

Horizontal Support 

There are 4 layers of material sewn together in a wide band that will support your dog's chest. We don't use Velcro here because it can come unfastened. 

Lateral support

Our polypropylene webbing inside the bolero starts at the top and ends at the base of harness Where it wraps around the D-ring. The webbing is reinforced with a boarder of stitching. 

Full Support

Our boleros have an inner lining for comfort and support. Our quality fabric is perfect for reinforcing our harnesses with 11 stitches per inch. 

How to put on the Bolero:

The harness slips over the head and wraps around the ribcage. 

Tip: When removing the bolero fold the Velcro back on to itself to prevent anything from sticking to it. 

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