Red with Black Paws Harness

Red with Black Paws Harness
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  • Item #: Red with Black Paws Harness

Help Sizing Your Dog

  • Please use the weight and measurement chart from 2 ½ to 45 pounds in the pictures to determine your dog’s size.
  • You will also find in pictures an example of good and not so good fits to assist you with your sizing.
  • Our client pooches page will show you all kinds of breeds with our harnesses on. 
  • Click here for a short video showing how to put on our harnesses.
  • If you need help call Patrice (910) 514-3044 or Constance (910) 658-3637

Benefit of our Harnesses

  • No risk of a collapsed trachea from a pulling dog.  
  • With nothing around your dog's legs, you don't run the risk of damaging the dog's tendons.  
  • Greatly reduces the chances of “hot spots” from the rubbing and chaffing that nylon harnesses cause from the continuous movement.
  • Polypropylene Webbing is what is used inside of our harnesses.   It’s light weight, fast drying, strong, and nonbacterial.

Care Instructions  

Machine or hand wash with warm, cold, or tap water. If your harness has eyelet on it or delicate ribbon we do not recommend washing it with other items in your washing machine. The friction and weight of other items will agitate delicate materials.  We have use garment bags or a closed off pillowcases to place a harness in order to wash it with other clothes; but, not with jeans or towels which are heavy when wet and cause a lot of friction. 

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