Red Plaid Fleece Coat

Red Plaid Fleece Coat
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  • Item #: Red Plaid Fleece Coat
  • Our Red Plaid Fleece  Coats are made with a double linning and are top stitched. 
  • We use good quality Fleece it is soft and is not stiff like some of the lower quality fleese companies are marketing and making clothes with.      soft of good quality fleece.  The red plaid coat is very cozy. 
  • The fleece coats are intended for warmth around the house in the winter or for dogs that get cold from the air conditioning in the summer.      the floor is drafty and our dogs love them.  They get pretty upset when we have to take them off to wash them.  
  • Great for older dogs to wear all year around.  
  • They are adjustable by use of the velcro that attaches on the side.     

PETITE up to 8 inches  from base of neck to where tail starts  $29.00

EXTRA SMALL 8 - 11 inches  $30.00

SMALL  11 - 13.5 inches   $33.00

SMALL PLUS 13.5 - 15 inches  $36.00

MEDIUM 15 - 19 inches $39.00

LARGE 20 - 22 inches $44.00

EXTRA LARGE 24 - 26 inches  $50.00

Measure the base of neck to where the tail starts.  The ruler on coat shows where our measurements are taked from.  

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Start Price $29.00
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