Psoriasis Soap

Psoriasis Soap
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A homeopathic blend of ingredients intended for defeating dry and itchy skin.  It's on sale temporarily so that our customers can try it and see if it works with out the stress of feeling that they fell in to the hands of another markerters scam.  I have used it on my dog, myself, Nancy who works at the store used it on a dry spot and said it cleared it right up.  I have seen bad cases of psoriasis and felt very bad for people suffering from this condition.  I had it as a child.  I use this soap on my entire body and it really feels better.  I feel the oils making contact with the my skin and it places a moisture barrier on it.  The essential oils used are unique to treating itchy skin.  

The ingredients include a generous  amount, containing jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, tea tree, citronella, cedarwood, olive oil, and scents of lavender. Helps the itch and condition of psoriasis. It's also rumored that citronella is an old remedy for rhumatism and arthritis.  This soap is ideal for dry skin. Because I have an extended case of dry skin I still use a light coco lotion on my knees down and back of my arms.  Shaving will dry out your legs so it is needed there.  And I apply a little lotion to the back of my arms because of the red bumps but i do not itch or feel any discomfort anymore.  

I also reccomend fish oil pills for helping with dry skin.  Just as you would feed a dog fish to imporve skin and coat, it works the same and I use it daily as preventative maintenance to an out break of itching.  It is also good for people who have jittery hands.    Do some reasearch on it yourself on the internet and you will see.


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