Horseshoe Ruffled Harness

Bumblebee and daisy Dog collar, harness and leash with or without ruffles. Made in the USA
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 Walking your dog files their nails.

Help Sizing Your Dog

  • Please use the size chart in pictures to determine your dog’s size.
  • Questions?  Patrice (910) 514-3044

Benefit of our Harnesses

  • Our harnesses do not wrap around the dog’s legs, they are completely painless and comfortable. 
  • Our Easy-On harness slips over the head and snaps on the side once
  • Our harnesses don’t cause “hot spots” like other harnesses that wrap around the legs and cause friction. 
  • We use polypropylene,nonbacterial webbing inside our harnesses.  They air dry very fast which is especially nice when compared to the nylon webbing sold in many pet care products. Nylon also pulls and itches like a bad watch band.
  • We hand selects each piece of fabric carefully for our products.  We will accept fabric from our customers to make custom harness under the following conditions:  fabric must be 100% cotton which allows for a better quality thread count (not cheap with holes, it should be tightly woven fabric), if there are figures printed on the fabric make sure their small enough to be seen within the width of the straps on the harness.  The larger the size the wider the collar and harness.

Care Instructions  

Machine or hand wash with warm or cold water. If you have a harness with eyelet, a delicate ruffle, or a bow you would like to leave on your dog’s harness, you can best protect it in a garment bag or tied off pillow case when washing it with other garments. 

What’s so great about our Boleros (full-vested harnesses)

  • We have not found a better grade of flannel material, we went through great lengths to get this quality of flannel for your dogs. It’s a woven flannel – ‘not printed flannel’ which makes it a better-quality flannel. 
  • Like all our boleros we have a double lining which is two layers of quality fabric sewn together. 
  • You get two in one: a harness and an outfit for your dog. 
  • Every piece is made individually, this is not assembly line work. 
  • Constance hires senior citizens like herself to help make the harnesses.  Their maturity and work ethic is integral to the quality and control of the harnesses. 

Bolero Support

  • Horizontal Support: A four-layer, two-inch band of fabric rests horizontally across the dog’s chest. 
  • Lateral support:  We use a generous strip of light-weight polypropylene webbing to secure the D-ring.  Some harnesses use only enough to too attach the D-ring. We did it our way to make it a more supportive for walking your dog. We finished it off by creating a sewn-in boarder around the webbing. The webbing is sewn inside to make the harness look more like an outfit and les like a harness or contraption. 
  • Full Support:  We felt it was necessary to use eleven (11) stitches per inch to build our harnesses. It was a non-negotiable decision that satisfied our need for strength.  Most companies find the process to be too expensive and not necessary, integrity is an import part of our planning process when building our harnesses.  

How to put on the Bolero:

The harness slips over the head then wraps around the mid-section where it secures together with the use off a slide and Velcro. With the slide and the design of the harness the Velcro is very safe.  The pull is from the front, not underneath. We use Velcro to make it more comfortable for the dog when they rest.

Tip: When removing the bolero fold the Velcro back on to itself to prevent lint from sticking to it. 

Care Instructions:  

Please remember to place the Velcro back on to itself to prevent lint from sticking to it. High heat and hot water is good for sanitizing whites like towels and sheets -- not ideal for colored fabrics or garments. It can be harsh in many ways.  We recommend one of these wash-rinse settings: warm-cold, cold-cold or tap. Air dry the Flannel and Fleece boleros, that type of fabric is known to shrink a little, I would not risk it.  Do not put the fleece and flannel harnesses with towels or a bunch of heavy jeans.  Towels are heavy and will agitate material like soft fleece and flannel it’s not going to change the function of it, but it’s like washing a sweater with unlike items. like a favorite garment you want to take care of, we are giving you the best possible care instructions for sustaining the “like new” appearance. 


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