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    Olivia Daisies in Bloom Bolero Flames Harness
    Olivia Daisies in Bloom BoleroFlames Harness

    If you love elegant you will love this paisley harness.  Very popular this year.  The picture tells all.

    With four layers of gorgeous ruffles, and beautiful bright daisies your dog is sure to stand out among the best of them. Starts at $29.

    Flames, harness for the perfect little macho looking dog.





    Grow-Up Puppy Plan Hope Harness Matrix
    Grow-Up Puppy Plan Hope HarnessMatrix

     When buy two harnesses for your puppy that are a teacup or teacup plus you get one for 50% when you purchase the second size up for full price.  This covers harness only, not ruffle or bow. 

    Zoom in one this cute little harness, it's full of inspirational words.

    Matrix has a shine to it.  It's a beautiful shade of teal.  





    Paris Bolero Peace & Flowers Can't get any better than this soap. See our full description and see why we are so confident in our Dog Soap.
    Paris BoleroPeace & Flowers Pet Soap

    Paris is georgeous. Eerything is done by hand and made to stay.  You don't have to worry that your dog will mess it up.  Our products are made to be durrable no matter how pretty they look.

    If you loved the 60's, you will love this print. Black with bright neon colored flowers with peace signs inside some of the flowers.  

    Hemopathic pet soap for oily and dry itchy skin 100% guarantee satisfaction




    Sherbet Dog Harness Wiz Wraps
    Sherbet Dog HarnessWiz Wraps

    A favoriate among Sophie's Choice Customers.  These colors never go out of style.

    Wiz Wraps are the barrier between your male dog’s pee and your furniture . Wiz Wraps are used for male dogs only Sanitary pads or depends are used, discard pads when soiled Machine washable Handmade in the U.S.A. at our store The...



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     These are following Gilmore shows that we will be attending.  Other shows will be posted on our Facebook page and on this site as they become avaliable. 

    Some of the Big shows we will be at.



    Bows are .50 cents  We have matching leashes and collars.  Nine sizes for the best fit.




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    Video of how to put on our harnesses