Grow-Up Puppy Plan

Grow-Up Puppy Plan
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About the Grow-Up Plan

The conditions are as follows:


1. It must be for your puppy. 


2.  Must purchase the two harnesses at the same time for the same dog.  Which would be your Teacup or Teacup plus at $10.00 or $10.50 and the next size up harness at full price.  


3. The 50% discount is only for these two sizes Teacup  and Teacup  Plus.


4.  Dose not include a ruffle or bow if you add it you must pay full price for each option. 


Before you leave this screen, please read through the instructions completely once.

Remember: One harness should be a Teacup or Teacup Plus in any print you like, another should be the next size up like a Toy or Toy Plus. It must be a Toy or Toy Plus for the next larger size or it will fail to meet the conditions of the promotion.  

Once you have finished ordering your two harnesses and anything else you would like, click on check out

Enter your contact info. & shipping address click continue-- once for the question: (is billing address the same as shipping address) and a second time click continue for verifying that your package will be sent via U.S. Postal Service.   

Look over your order to be sure all is accurate.  At the lower left screen you will see a box  to enter a coupon code.  That box is where you enter one of the codes in the following two-column.  

** Type it in exactly as it is shown, with the caps and dashes. **

   Product Promotion Codes


Teacup Plus



Use the code that corresponds with what you ordered.

After you click on apply code you will see totals recalculate giving you the 50% off the teacup or teacup plus harness you ordered. 

Enter your payment info and click on enter order.  You’re Done. 



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