You can get these in any print you see on our web site or any fabric you have seen or bought in the past, providing we still have it.
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Step 2. Please type the product name your replicating.   I'v placed some harnesses in related products at the bottom of the screen assist you with naming the product.  If you do not see the product listed anywhere on our website, it dose not mean we can not make it, when we get low in inventory we generally take it off the website.  Please contact one of the following:  Patrice (910)514-3044; Owner, Constance (910) 658-3637; or call the store during their hours of operation.

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Our collars are lightweight, very comfortable, and flexible.  Nothing like the itchy nylon collars you see everywhere.  The collars are made from the exact same materials as the harness.  My toy poodle Jojo, has had his for years and it looks the same as the day I bought it. 


Length          Size            Price

   8 -12 in       Small        $9.00 

10 - 16 in.     Medium    $10.00

15 - 24 in.     Large       $12.00

18 - 32 in.    X-Large    $15.00



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