To order: please type in the name of the harness or bollero you would like your leash to match in the window that requests -- "name of item".  

Then select size.  4 foot or 6 foot adjustable.

  •  These are superior leashes in all aspects. 
  •  Light - easy to tuck in jacket
  •  Fabric dose not fade
  •  Match perfectly

What size should you get.  Here is my nuget of input:

A 4ft leash is a perfect length for walking your dog and keeping him/her next to you.  It is what I use.  The 6 ft is more leash than I prefer for my speed walking.  Yes, you can shorten it down to 4 ft..  I have used both leashes.  I still love the 4 ft. leash -- more just gets in the way.  If your just strolling along and it's all about the pooch then go ahead and get the 6 ft and let it out.  I find the 4 ft. to be safer because if something comes up where I need to protect my dog max, I can do that much quicker. Patrice Baker

4 ft. Leash $12.00 extremely good price 

6 ft. Leash $15.00 adjustable down to 4 ft.


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Army Camo Dog Harness leash collar with ruffle leash
Army Camo Dog Harness leash

Good old fashion Army Green Camo Bolero or Harness looks great on the little boy dogs or girls with a little ruffle.

 Best leashes on the Market.



 Our leashes will be one of the best purchases you ever made.  Simple, light weight, afordable, and match perfectly.  "Sophie's Choice" only.  Sold on the east coast USA, at The Gigglin Pig, 123 E. Broad St., Dunn, NC 28334