You can get these in any print you see on our web site or any fabric you have seen or bought in the past, providing we still have it.
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Need Help, call or text Patrice (910) 514-3044 

If you don't see the harness or bolero on the website any longer text or call Patrice and she will find out if we have it in stock or enough material to make one for you on hand.

Our collars are lightweight, very comfortable and flexible--not stiff, bright and colorful, dry vary easily, do not cause your dog to itch around their neck like the nylon colars tend to.

Prices are very reasonable

8 -12 in Small $9.00 

10 - 16 in. Medium $10.00

15 - 24 in. Large $12.00

18 - 32 in. X Large $15.00


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