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    Bandanna Harness, with a ruffle and bow if you choose Black and Pink flannel Plaid Dog Bolero Bloom
    Bandanna Black and Pink flannel Plaid Dog BoleroBloom

     Bandanna red and white print with a black with white dots ruffled skirt.  This can be for a male or female dog.  It's a favoriate and popular print.  It stands out really nice on black dogs.  

    You can't go wrong with these flannels.  This one has eyelet.  Very special.

     Flowers are all in bloom on this pretty pink, white and black harness.  A popular print that looks great on black or white dogs.

    Bones and Paws Bolero Flames Harness Lemonade
    Bones and Paws BoleroFlames HarnessLemonade

    Bolero had little bones and paws.  Supper cute great for the little boys or girls.

    Flames, harness for the perfect little macho looking dog.

    Lemonade is a breezy colorful print that reminds of you sitting out on the porch drinking lemonade.

    Lime Green Dog Bolero Matrix Bandanna Harness, with a ruffle and bow if you choose
    Lime Green Plaid Flannel Dog BoleroMatrix Pretty in Pastels Dog Harness

    Cozy, warm and comfy flannel, your dog will thank you.

    Matrix has a shine to it.  It's a beautiful shade of teal.  

    Pastels and sparkles in this lovely harness with two ruffles.  

    Sherbet Dog Harness Skylar Harness Zebra Print With Pink Polka-Dots
    Sherbet Dog HarnessSkylar HarnessZebra Print Dog Bolero or Harness

    A favoriate with Sophie's customers.  The colors looks reminded us of sherbert ice cream.

    For the boys or girls.  Great print.  Stylish and modern with the teal, white, and brown working together to create a classy look through its deliberate simplicity. 

    For our zebra print lovers.  Great little pink skirt.  Sophie's signiature look.

    "Swirls" New! Holiday Holly Dog Harness with or without a ruffle Blue and Green flannel Plaid Dog Bolero
    "Swirls" New!Red Plaid Christmas Cheer Harness Blue and Green flannel Plaid Dog Bolero

    Unisex print, useful for the entire year.  Swirls is a vibrant blend of different shades of orange, with a splash of red, green, and white and purple.  You can add a ruffle if you like, click on options.

    Red shiny plaid print with shimmering gold thread. Zoom in on this print you will love it.  The darker green gives a three dimensional look on the fabric.  Colors red, white, light green, gold, and dark green.

     Blue green plaid flannel, double lined, soft and cozy.  Perfect for a male or female dog.  

    Country Life "Bones and Paws" dog harness with or with out a ruffle Olivia Dog Harness New!
    Country LifeBones n' Paws Chevron Ruffle optionalOlivia Dog Harness New!

    Country life bolero with the cutiest little patches.  We can't wait to see someone send in pictures with their dog in this.  

    Bones and Paws printed on the harness with a cheveron ruffle and finnished frame work.  The skirt is a little longer than the standard.  the framed skirts usually are.  Great for dogs with a long torso like Sophie.

    If you love elegant you will love this paisley harness.  Very popular this year.  The picture tells all.

    Aqua Daisy Flannel Bolero Jewels of the Sea New! "Polka-dot Party"
    Aqua Daisy Flannel BoleroJewels of the Sea New!"Polka-dot Party"

    Gorgeous flannel bolero.  Amazingly, these boleros are structured to perform as a harness.  You get two in one with the boleros. 

    This is a really fun print for those little energetic personalities.  

    Multi-colored, polka-dots along the harness with lady bugs zipping through the ruffle, with a  final finnished frame of light purpole.  Very popular even in the winter.

    Blue Bubbles flannel Bolero Yellow Roses Ladybug Bolero
    Blue Bubbles flannel BoleroYellow RosesLadybug Bolero

    Double linned flannel bolero.  Providing extra support for walking and keeping warm.  We love the flannels in the south because their not too hot but provide just enough warmth to keep the draft off our dogs.


    This dainty harness is perfect for bringing in the spring.  decorated with floral designs of roses and greenery.  

    This bolero is a special treat with some of our best eyelet. Print has lady bugs doing all sorts of cute little things.  The bright colors really pop out and Sophie gets lots of complements in this.

    Leopard Purple Bolero Oceanic Harness or Bolero Peace & Flowers
    Leopard Purple BoleroOceanic Harness or BoleroPeace & Flowers

    We love this purpole lepoard printed bolero.  The purpole really pops out when you see dogs wearing it.  

    For our costal folks.  This bolero has all the oceanic flags.  I favoriate for the boaters.  Don't forget the leash.

    If you loved the 60's, you will love this print. Black with bright neon colored flowers with peace signs inside some of the flowers.  

    Pink Bubbles Flannel Bolero Red Plaid Fleece Bolero This popular bones and paws print is a popular delight. Zoom in on our those cute little paws and bones and see for yourself. The print is easily seen in person and is perfect for a boy or a girl.
    Pink Bubbles Flannel BoleroRed Plaid Fleece BoleroBones & Paws Harness

    Sophie’s Choice Harnesses is a designer dog tailoring business with the most success rate of satisfied customers.  Sold and made only at The Gigglin' Pig, in Downtown, Dunn, North Carolina.

    Love this fleese bolero.  This is warmer than the flannel.  Great for the north region.  You can walk your dog from this one.  All our boleros are double linned for extra support and a finnished look.

    Cute print with little bones and paw prints.  For the males or females.

    "HOPE" Paris Bolero Lilac and white dots
    "HOPE" Paris BoleroLilac and white dots

    Zoom in one this cute little harness, it's full of inspirational words.

    Paris is georgeous. Eerything is done by hand and made to stay.  You don't have to worry that your dog will mess it up.  Our products are made to be durrable no matter how pretty they look.

    A perfect color comparision to the Lilac flower.  

    Lime polka dot harness Passion Pink with white dots Can't get any better than this soap. See our full description and see why we are so confident in our Dog Soap.
    Lime polka dot harnessPassion Pink with white dots Pet Soap

    This bright and lively lime polka-dot harness is suitable for the girls and boy dogs. The ruffle is optional. Our matching leads are so adoreable. They complete the look. 

    Bright Passion pink with tiny white dots and a double ruffle with eyelet.  Eyelet is hard to come by, but we had to add it to this harness, it looked so pretty.

    Hemopathic pet soap for oily and dry itchy skin 100% guarantee satisfaction

    Pink & Black Plaid Fleece Coat Red Plaid Fleece Coat Cheerful Harness, for boy or girl just leave off the ruffle for the boys! The matching leash is exactly the same material.
    Pink & Black Plaid Fleece CoatRed Plaid Fleece CoatCheerful Harness

    Double lined Soft Flannel plaid print outside Pink Fleece fabric inside Measure from neck to start of tail Velcro on sides to give way to a larger stomach area

    Red Plaid Fleece Coat contains a double linning and are top stitched with a cotton blend ribed inside linning. It stretches and is cooling like cotton, but is very durable and strong. It is difficult to find fabric like this linning these days....

    Cheerful is a harness for any time of the year. The colors pop out and stay bright. 

    Flames Bolero Leopard Harness Red with white dots Harness
    Flames BoleroLeopard HarnessRed with white dots Harness

    Flames is a supper macho print.  Great for the dogs that have owners that have motercycles.

    For the leopard print lovers.  A fabulous print with a pink leopard skirt.

     Stunning red dog harness, by Sophie's Choice, exclusively at "The Gigglin Pig", in downtown Dunn, NC

    Snowman Snugly Soft Dog Bolero Leashes Daisy Harness
    Snowman Snugly Soft Dog BoleroLeashes Daisy Harness

    Great little winter print with snowmen.  Flannel, nice, warm and comfortable.  Double lining, in all our boleros.

    You can adjust this leash to be as long as 6 ft. or shorter. It is light weight and very colorful.  It is not likely to tangle like a lot of leashes. you can fold them easily and put it in your pocket or purse. 

    Daisy is one of our our special harnesses  that has eyelet, included in the two layers of ruffles.  

    Blue Plaid Fleece Coat Daisies in Bloom Bolero
    Blue Plaid Fleece CoatDaisies in Bloom Bolero

    Double lining Flannel on the outside with a soft high quality fleece on the inside Measure from the neck to the start point on the tail. Supper warm adjustable on the sides with velcro these are coats not harnesses they do not include the D-ring...

    With four layers of gorgeous ruffles, and beautiful bright daisies your dog is sure to stand out among the best of them. 

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    I love the flannel Bolero’s.  Their convenient for walking, because I simply clip on her leash to the D-ring on the back of her bolero. Her leash never gets wrapped around her legs, -- like it always did when I walked her from her collar.  These flannels are double lined and soft.  Lyla loves her bolero.  I stopped putting her other outfits with legs in them on her when I discovered how uncomfortable they were when I compare them to her boleros. I wash her bolero every week and it still stays nice.  I use tap temperature and air dry.