Sofina with Don and Constance Spell on her Graduation Day.  She is on her way to becomming a much needed service dog for Constance.  There is a series of certifications she must complete first.   This is her first phase that they completed and tested out in.  Sofina is 7 months old. 


Prices Start at $20 for a Teacup without a ruffle or a bow.   

 *Price Chart is also available when you click on the "options" tab for each product.       


        Weight Range     



 + ruffle $6.00 


 2.5 - 3.5 lbs

 10.75 - 12.25



 Teacup Plus

 4.0 - 6.0 lbs

 12.25 - 14.75




 6.0 - 8.0 lbs

 13.75 - 16.5



 Toy Plus

 8.0 - 10.0 lbs

 15.0 - 18.0




 10.5 - 13.5 lbs

 16.25 - 20.25



 Small Plus

 14.0 - 17.0 lbs

 17.5 - 21.75




 17.5 - 20.0 lbs

 19.0 - 24.0



 Medium Plus  

 20.0 - 25.0 lbs

 21.25 - 26.0




25.0 - 45.0 lbs

24.50 - 30.75 




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Bandana Dog Harness Pink  Fleece Snuggie Red Plaid Fleece Snuggie
Bandana Dog HarnessPink Fleece SnuggieRed Plaid Fleece Snuggie

For those Bandana print lovers we had to do it.  It has become a favoriate over the years.

Price begins at $20 and increases with size.

Price begins at $20 increases with size.




Tan Plaid Fleece Snuggie Red Snowman Winter Holliday Harness My Fair Lady
Tan Plaid Fleece SnuggieRed Snowman Winter Holliday HarnessMy Fair Lady

Price begins at $20 and increases with size.

Get in the season with these cute winter harnesses.  

This dainty flowering harness produces the feel of the fresh hues brought in by the april spring showers.




Sunburst Harness cheetah Harness Leash
Sunburst Harnesscheetah HarnessLeash

 This harness is bursting with orange and yellow shades mimicing our breath-taking autum sunsets.  

Cheetah printed harness with a double ruffle, one sheer black and one cheetah print.

to order ALL LEASHES click on options right here. Follow the three steps inside and your done.





Snowman Winter Holliday Harness New 4th of July 2017 Pirate Harness
Snowman Winter Holliday HarnessNew 4th of July 2017Pirate Harness

Happy little snowman print is the cutest wear for this winter season.  We have green and red harnesses in this snowman print.  Take a look. Start price is $20.00 all harnesses go up by a $1.00 with the size. Ruffles are $6.00.

2017, 4th of July Dog Harness, it's awsome! It can be worn all year long on your little patriot pooch.

After waiting for so long, the much loved pirate print is finally back.  




Bella Dog Harness Black and Pink flannel Plaid Dog Bolero Bloom Dog Harness
Bella Dog HarnessBlack and Pink flannel Plaid Dog BoleroBloom Dog Harness

Bella is new and perfect for a little princess.  We have this in two shades.  The aqua and a purple-plum.  

You can't go wrong with these flannels.  This one has eyelet.  Very special.

 Flowers are all in bloom on this pretty pink, white and black harness.  A popular print that looks great on black or white dogs.




Bones and Paws Bolero Flames Harness Lemonade
Bones and Paws BoleroFlames HarnessLemonade

Bolero had little bones and paws.  Supper cute great for the little boys or girls.

Flames, harness for the perfect little macho looking dog.

Lemonade is a breezy colorful print that reminds of you sitting out on the porch drinking lemonade.




Lime Green Dog Bolero Matrix Bandanna Harness, with a ruffle and bow if you choose
Lime Green Plaid Flannel Dog BoleroMatrix Pretty in Pastels Dog Harness

Cozy, warm and comfy flannel, your dog will thank you.

Matrix has a shine to it.  It's a beautiful shade of teal.  

Pastels and sparkles in this lovely harness adorned with two ruffles.  




Red & White Paws Sherbet Dog Harness Skylar Harness
Red & White Paws Sherbet Dog HarnessSkylar Harness

Red and White Paws is a Sterling collection made just for the boys; but of course, the girls can wear it if they want to.

A favoriate among Sophie's Choice Customers.  These colors never go out of style.

For the boys or girls.  Great print.  Stylish and modern with the teal, white, and brown working together to create a classy look through its deliberate simplicity. 




1 - 24 of 49 items

 Watch how easy, "Easy-On" Really is -- watch our short YouTube video of Skyler and Lyla demonstrating how easy it is to put on and take off as well as how humane these harnesses are to your dog.