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    Aqua Daisy Flannel Bolero This popular bones and paws print is a popular delight. Zoom in on our those cute little paws and bones and see for yourself. The print is easily seen in person and is perfect for a boy or a girl. Hope Harness New! 2016
    Aqua Daisy Flannel BoleroBones & Paws Harness Hope Harness New! 2016
    Can hardly get this one off Sophie. The fabric is soft and comfy like flannel. Bolero features: Sophie’s Choice is a designer dog tailoring Business with 15 years’ experience. Eight sizes to provide the best fit for your dog....

    Vibrant colors that last. Tailor fitting. Exclusively by Sophie's Choice the East Coast designer Constance Spell  (910) 658-3637, Made in the U.S.A. in downtown, Dunn, North Carolina at our shop "The Gigglin' Pig". 

    “Right off the sewing machine.” We just started making these. The ruffle has great inspirational words like love, hope, & peace with fun colors. It's a mixture of fun, perky & dainty all in one. While it's delicate white...
    Paris Bolero Bandanna Harness, with a ruffle and bow if you choose Leads 4 ft.
    Paris BoleroSuave Boy! Dog HarnessLeads 4 ft.

    This is “Paris”. “Constance had fun creating this little gem.” With three layers of ruffles and Swarovski Crystals (high-end grade crystal), you will be happy to know that the price increase is only $3.00 per size. It is...



    Army Camo Dog Harness leash collar with ruffle Leashes Lilac Polka-dot Harness
    Trees and Lakes BoleroLeashes Lilac Polka-dot Harness

    Trees and lakes dog bolero.  Full vested dog harness.  Constructed for walking made for comfort and easy walking.

    You can adjust this leash to be as long as 6 ft. or shorter. It is light weight and very colorful.  It is not likely to tangle like a lot of leashes. you can fold them easily and put it in your pocket or purse. 

    Sophie's Choice Dog Harnesses made and sold exclusively  at the Gigglin pig in downtown, Dunn.  123 E. Broad Street.

    New! Lime polka dot harness New! Passion Pink with white dots  Harness Can't get any better than this soap. See our full description and see why we are so confident in our Dog Soap.
    New! Lime polka dot harnessNew! Passion Pink with white dots HarnessPet Soap

    This bright and lively lime polka-dot harness is suitable for the girls and boy dogs. The ruffle is optional. Our matching leads are so adoreable. They complete the look. Most of our 1st time customers are suprised when they see how nice our...

    Passion pink is a suitable name for this pretty pink polka dot harness. Size Approx. Weight Range Inches Around Ribcage (Girth) Teacup 2.5 - 3.5 lbs 10.75 - 12.25 Teacup Plus 4.0 - 6.0 lbs 12.25 - 14.75 Toy 6.0 - 8.0 lbs 13.75 - 16.5 Toy Plus 8.0...

    Hemopathic pet soap for oily and dry itchy skin 100% guarantee satisfaction

    Sock Monkey Bolero Blue Plaid Fleece Coat Pink & Black Plaid Fleece Coat
    Sock Monkey BoleroBlue Plaid Fleece CoatPink & Black Plaid Fleece Coat

    Sock monkey Printed full vested harness no snaps just velcro.  "Built for walking...Made for Fun". Sophie's Choice Harnesses

    Double lining Flannel on the outside with a soft high quality fleece on the inside Measure from the neck to the start point on the tail. Supper warm adjustable on the sides with velcro these are coats not harnesses they do not include the D-ring...

    Double lined Soft Flannel plaid print outside Pink Fleece fabric inside Measure from neck to start of tail Velcro on sides to give way to a larger stomach area

    Red Plaid Fleece Coat Cheerful Harness, for boy or girl just leave off the ruffle for the boys! The matching leash is exactly the same material. Daisy Harness
    Red Plaid Fleece CoatCheerful Harness Daisy Harness

    Red Plaid Fleece Coat contains a double linning and are top stitched with a cotton blend ribed inside linning. It stretches and is cooling like cotton, but is very durable and strong. It is difficult to find fabric like this linning these days....

    Cheerful is a harness for any time of the year. The colors pop out and stay bright. Our 4 ft. leads for only $12. are made with the exact material as our harnesses. We offer 6 ft adjustable for $15 as well. Size Approx. Weight Range Inches Around...Daisy our traditional favoriate. The colors are brighter than what the sun afforded on this picture day. Size Approx. Weight Range Inches Around Ribcage (Girth) Teacup 2.5 - 3.5 lbs 10.75 - 12.25 Teacup Plus 4.0 - 6.0 lbs 12.25 - 14.75 Toy 6.0 -...
    Flames Bolero Leopard Harness Red with white dots Harness
    Flames BoleroLeopard HarnessRed with white dots Harness

    Flames Dog Bolero, its bright, light weight, distributes weight evenly for pulling. Dogs don't feel like they need to pull.

    Sophie's Choice Easy-On Harnesses, are very light weight and extremely comfortable for dogs. They are the cutest harnesses on the market! These harnesses are designed for walking and comfort, the great look and vibrant colors, that's just the...

     Stunning red dog harness, by Sophie's Choice, exclusively at "The Gigglin Pig", in downtown Dunn, NC

    Snowman Snugly Soft Dog Bolero
    Snowman Snugly Soft Dog Bolero

    Sophie's Choice Harnesses. Built for walking ... made for fun!  Our structure and quality is unmatched.  Made only at "The Gigglin Pig", in downtown, Dunn, North Carolina.

    Welcome to "The Gigglin Pig", Home of "Sophie's Choice Harnesses".  At our store we carry amish made gifts, candles, and a vast variety of amish made cast iron candle holders.  All of our amish made products were picked up by us in Pennsylvania in amish country where the mennonites live.  We carry a large selection of votive candles made by the mennonites.  Made from the  highest quality and standards, they last a long time and burn clean.

    We also have a soap factory.  We make custom scented Glycerin soaps --"not made from animal fat".  We are also a quilt shop and carry quilting materials, to include thread and smaller thread counted fabric.  At the best prices.  We have a wide selection of raw wooden home furnishings also made by the amish.  We carry plenty of unique gifts.  You will find we are making soap and sewing our pants off at our store. 

    Constance Spell, the owner also travels up and down the east coast all year to visit her life long clients and friends.  This is the reason for our unique store hours.  Constance works long hours through the weekends at the shows and a little recovery time is required.  Our product is time sensitive and in a very controlled setting.  We have very high standards and do not wish to evolve in to a massive marketing business.   The owner constance maintains this quality and control by allowing an elite group of trusted friends and coworkers to make these harnesses.  They all have the same set of values and standards in Sophie’s Choice.  Which makes it easier to deliver sophie's choice products to our loving customers who love their dogs so dearly.  They have been working together and making Sophie's Choice Harnesses and apparel for over a decade.  So to recap, we started out as an amish gift shop, set in motion a healthy soap factory, and felt inspired to make a quilt and sewing shop.  The name of our store, The Gigglin' Pig, has nothing to do with pigs, the only correlation is that our soap is not made from animal fat; thus,  “The Gigglin’ pig”.